Good morning everyone, in the morning we have great news. Specialized beds for children came to the GBUSO «Orphanage-boarding school for children with serious intellectual disabilities «Zhuravushka».

These beds are designed to care for bedridden patients, weakened children. They significantly simplify rehabilitation and treatment, maintain the most comfortable position of certain parts of the body by changing the angles of inclination. They relieve the condition, give a comfortable physiological posture, help in supervision and recovery. In addition, they provide uniform blood circulation, prevent tissue stagnation, prevent swelling, and relieve muscle tension.

With your help from Italy and Spain, our children will receive high-quality care, the staff will be able to make life easier for children, to secure their stay in the orphanage.

Many thanks from the children, the staff of the orphanage-boarding school «Zhuravushka».


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